Xavier Brice

Entrepreneur since 2007. Founder of a digital agency, co-founder of a startup accelerated by Microsoft Venture Accelerator, intrapreneur in the field of quality assurance. Settled in Cambodia since 2019, he created Testing Studio and developed several startup projects. #ArtDirector #TestManager #SymfonyDev #WriteTheFutur (Thanks HARi)

Why developers must (always) test their code

Developers need to test their code! This is a certainty and an obligation. Like everyone involved in the project: developers, product owners, business, etc. Everyone, at some stage, will have to take part in a test phase. And everyone will have to...

9 types of tests you must absolutely use

In each level of testing there are different types of tests. The list may be long, but in this article we present the 9 essential types of tests. They are of course to be known. But above all, you must use them in each of your development projects...

Test leader

The 4 levels of testing you need to know

There are 4 levels of quality assurance testing and more types of tests. Already knowing these 4 levels of testing will allow you to develop a testing strategy in line with the maturity of your project. Are you currently working on your new website...

What is a manual testing campaign?

For software testing, a manual testing campaign is the execution of a set of test cases over a specified period of time. It allows to check the correct functioning of the software or the web/mobile application.First of all, a test campaign brings...

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